Our Team

Fisher Family: Parker, Ken, Janel, Logan

Fisher Family: Parker, Ken, Janel, Logan

Ken Fisher

Lead Pastor

Ken has a love for Jesus that spills out no matter who he is talking to and what he is talking about.  Ken’s passion while he speaks on Sunday mornings, demonstrating with his larger than life gestures and personal stories keeps people of all ages engaged and interested.

Ken is fearless when it comes to leading God’s people into battle for Him.

Random Facts about Ken

Ken is married to Janel and has two mini warriors who answer to Logan and Parker.

Loves to get his aggression fix out on the football field or training at a local MMA Gym.

He is surprisingly emotionally in-tune, a necessity when working with 3 women on staff (thanks Janel).

He lives in a barn.

MacPherson Family: Kelsey, Aaron

MacPherson Family: Kelsey, Aaron

Kelsey Friesen

Associate Pastor

Kelsey is a very Spirit filled woman of God, deeply connected to His heart and in tune with the Holy Spirit.

With all her heart she cares for the body of Christ and longs for them to experience the love of Jesus.

She loves to teach each one of God’s adopted children and delights in seeing them grow in their understanding of Him.

Random Facts about Kelsey

Is a published author

Knows what a “dead lift” is (& does them)

Loves History


Jantzen Family: Jared, Jillian, Cyrus

Jantzen Family: Jared, Jillian, Cyrus

Jared Jantzen

Youth Pastor

Jared is immensely relational and is always up for spending time with people. His heart is ultimately to see everyone in relationship with Christ.

Although he is in a leadership position, he values giving others the opportunity to share and direct the conversation.

He also is a man of patience. Pair that with his heart for relationship, and you have a great combination for working with youth.

Random Facts about Jared

He is a talented barista having worked in 5 different coffee shops (including The Ridge)

Teaches drums and plays in a number of bands with his wife Jillian

Writes fiction and is very imaginative

Rarely takes things too seriously (unless absolutely necessary)

Fichtner Family: Danielle, James, Jason, Josh, Bethany, Jordanne

Fichtner Family: Danielle, James, Jason, Josh, Bethany, Jordanne

Bethany Fichtner

Office Administrator/Prayer Warrior!

Bethany loves people. The second you enter the doors at Southridge, you will see her at her desk with a welcoming smile.

If your new, old or somewhere in-between, Bethany will show loads of love and give a hug or prayer… whatever is needed.

Random Facts about Bethany

Can make any accent sound Spanish

Has lived in more parts of Canada than all the staff combined

Has a guard dog (Chihuahua)

Graduated from New Brunswick Bible Institute

Vidal Family: Levi, Leah (also Matthew & Braydon)

Vidal Family: Levi, Leah (also Matthew & Braydon)

Leah Vidal

Children’s Ministry

Leah is a servant and - like Jesus - she is constantly found helping others, putting the needs of others before herself.

Whether it is an encouraging word or a gesture of kindness, she is a blessing to everyone she meets.

She loves the many volunteers she works with and is dedicated to each one of them.

When something needs to get done, she gets it done, seeing the endless possibilities and opportunities to make a difference.

Random Facts about Leah

She is uber creative

Has three young men she’s poured her life in to (Matthew, Braydon & Levi)

Labels, Labels, Labels

She is quite possibly the best gluten-free cook going (if there is such thing)